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This is the git repository for The website is built using Hugo and hosted on kumin using mikuru!git webhook integration.


view live site

If you’re taking a look at the code or commit history you’re in the right place, but the markdown rendering on the git interface mangles some pages. If you want to just browse the website’s content, use the live site at

less important stuff


The live website updates automatically so all you have to do is make a commit to this repo to add or change the live site’s content.

If you open the repo in you can add or edit files directly using the mikuru!git interface. Main content pages go in the content folder and can be in markdown format. Other formats are also supported, see

If clone the repository to your machine, you can edit the site’s content or configuration with any editor you please. Your changes can be sent in using git.

live preview server

When editing the site on your machine, you can have hugo run a webserver that builds the site in real-time. Some site functionality is broken when running it like this, but it allows you to get a strong idea of what the site will look like after your changes before you type git commit.

To enable the server, cd into your cloned repository and do hugo server. You can optionally add the -D flag to enable previewing pages marked as drafts.

To view the preview site, open your web browser and go to http://localhost:1313/. The preview site will automatically be regenerated whenever the site’s files change on your disk, and the server will automatically reload your browser, so you can see what your page will look like in real time as you edit.

See for more information about this feature.


The site is automatically built on the webserver when a commit is made. If for some reason you’d like to build your own local copy of the site, you may do so with the following commands. git and hugo must be installed on your computer. Generated site will be placed in coltondrg/public

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update


© 2020 coltondrg?

All rights reserved. This website is my intellectual property. All other included materials and the associated copyrights are property of their respective owners. Do not stealtm