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Welcome to the newly relaunched coltondrg.com!

There are a few things you can do here so far...

- [about my old weblog](/weblog/)
- [about the new website](/about/)
- [my git repositories](https://git.coltondrg.com/)
@@ -11,16 +12,19 @@ There are a few things you can do here so far...
- <sub><sup>[a streaming service you say? i don't think so](/stream/)</sup></sub>

These go somewhere else but they might come in handy

- <a href="https://mail.drg.moe/" target="_blank" >email@drg (coltondrg.com)</a>
- <a href="https://drg.li/" target="_blank" >drg.li portal</a>

Oh, you wanna know what I'm working on? My current focus projects are...

- Project Moldable (secret, coming soon)
- <a href="https://galliumos.org/" target="_blank" >GalliumOS</a>
- <a href="https://mail.drg.moe/" target="_blank" >email@drg</a>
- drg clients

And the short list of projects that will be focused on soon are...

- <a href="https://drg.li/" target="_blank" >drg.li portal</a>
- drg infrastructure upgrades
- coltondrg.com (you are here!)

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